James’ Story

“When I meet the Swedish army, whatever my grandfather told me, they was opposite of what he said. He said unclean. They are not good. They are killing. They come to Afghanistan, just thieving, you know, minerals and these things of Afghanistan. We have to do jihad against them… So when I meet Swedish army, the first month I didn’t like them. The second month I really like them…I really like a lot. They was saying some time right things. Love your enemy. I never heard these things in Afghanistan.” – James

We first met James in 2016 when he was helping us as an interpreter for our work at Samaria Church in Athens. Samaria Church is focused on reaching the Afghan and Iranian refugee population in Athens.

James left Afghanistan under life threatening circumstances, and came to know Jesus Christ as his Savior, both eternally and in the here and now. With his new found faith he was found by a Brazilian missionary working with Samaria and that has been his home for the past seven years.

In the Fall of 2019 James moved to Germany to begin Bible College with the goal of one day planting churches in the Muslim world. We are excited about the potential of seeing former Muslims who have become passionate followers of Christ becoming equipped to take the gospel into the darkest places where no one from the West can venture.

Our commitment is to help James and others like him get the training and preparation they need to be light in the darkness.

“At that time I was thinking, How I become saved? How I become saved from such a situation, that my life is almost finished? At that time I say, Jesus save me from this situation. Jesus save me from this situation. I give my life to Jesus. I believe to Jesus by my heart. I don’ t know what is church.I don’t know what is community. Like unity in Christ. I don’t know nothing. I don’t know what is the ability of Jesus, I know that Jesus is the Savior…I understand He saved me form the situation that I almost died.”  – James

We are looking for partners, individuals, churches, Bible study groups, foundations and others to help us support James and others like him. Our commitment is to provide living expenses at a maximum of $400 per month while James is in school. Once he graduates we will work on putting together a support team to help him plant churches.

If you want to join our efforts to support James and reach into the darkness of the Muslim world CLICK HERE.